svn repo url on web site pointing to docs instead of sources

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Fri Jul 27 11:00:09 UTC 2007

Mark Reinhold wrote:
> In particular, it only checks out the old web
> content, which has been superseded by for everything
> except... svn.
Ah, yikes, I didn't notice that, thanks for the warning. Should patches 
to docs go to web-discuss?
>> Unfortunately we have essentially no control over the content of that
>> example text.  It's provided by the underlying CollabNet infrastructure,
>> which assumes that everything interesting will be under the top-level
>> trunk directory.
>> (Well, I suppose we could implement some disgusting javascript hack to
>>  rewrite the text in the box... ugh.)
Can't we squeeze in an additional page between that one and the main 
page describing the repository layout
and how to get to the bits and pieces?

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