making j2se more portable

Gary Benson gbenson at
Fri Jun 1 07:41:57 UTC 2007

Phil Race wrote:
> Gary Benson wrote:
> > Pieter Libin wrote:
> > > However, I think renaming the solaris directory into unix would
> > > make a lot of sense.
> >
> > "posix" would probably be more correct.
> Not sure about that for a couple of reasons
> * The largest chunk of code in src/solaris is related to UI libs (eg
> X11 etc) which is not in the scope of POSIX. I suspect the same goes
> for a chunk of the rest.
> * Some versions of Windows are in fact POSIX compliant too

Ok, maybe "posix" wouldn't be correct, but a lot of FLOSS projects use
the term.  I'm guessing it's to avoid trademark issues with the word


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