JavaSE 7 build 14 is available at the website

Mark Wielaard mark at
Fri Jun 22 08:50:38 UTC 2007


On Thu, 2007-06-21 at 21:50 -0700, Xiomara Jayasena wrote:
> The OpenJDK source, Compiler source and Jtreg binary for the promoted 
> JavaSE 7 build b14 is available under the openjdk
> website under Source Code (direct link to 
> bundles: )

Thanks. I found the following bug-list/changelog for the closedjdk:
I assume these are more or less the same as for openjdk?

How often do you plan to push out these "promoted JavaSE7" builds?
Is there a list like the above of issues being worked on for the next



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