JavaSE 7 build 14 is available at the website

Jonathan Gibbons Jonathan.Gibbons at Sun.COM
Fri Jun 22 17:36:00 UTC 2007


You can do mildly better than that if you have access to the database,
using the fields that describe which bugs have been fixed and made
available, but not yet been integrated into the master.  That at least
would give you a preview of what's coming.

-- Jon

Phil Race wrote:
> > Is there a list like the above of issues being worked on for the 
> next one.
> The only place that information is maintained is the internal bug 
> database
> and you'd have to query for bugs that were 'integrated' into, eg, b15.
> But that state occurs only as each group puts back its changes into the
> master workspace (still teamware). So its changing in real time, right
> up to the day that b15 happens.
> So in other words, even with access to that database, I couldn't
> tell you exactly what will be fixed in b15 until b15 is done, and
> as soon as its done, it will be pushed out, along with the list.
> -phil.
> Mark Wielaard wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On Thu, 2007-06-21 at 21:50 -0700, Xiomara Jayasena wrote:
>>> The OpenJDK source, Compiler source and Jtreg binary for the 
>>> promoted JavaSE 7 build b14 is available under the openjdk
>>> website under Source Code (direct link 
>>> to bundles: )
>> Thanks. I found the following bug-list/changelog for the closedjdk:
>> I assume these are more or less the same as for openjdk?
>> How often do you plan to push out these "promoted JavaSE7" builds?
>> Is there a list like the above of issues being worked on for the next
>> one?
>> Cheers,
>> Mark

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