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Andrew John Hughes gnu_andrew at
Wed Apr 9 00:20:37 UTC 2008

Dear OpenJDK people,

Allow me to put on a different hat for this mail.  I currently have
the role of being Sun's Campus Ambassador at the University of
Sheffield.  The idea is basically to try and get students and staff
interested in Sun stuff, and there's a particular focus on Sun's FOSS
work, which is what interested me.

Technical demos/talks form a major part of this.  We already host one
on OpenSolaris and ZFS last month, and have plans for ones on Xvm and
Sun SPOT by the end of this month.  Of obvious interest to me is to
get one in on OpenJDK before the end of the semester (mid-May),
especially as this is not being as strongly promoted in the programme
as e.g. OpenSolaris and NetBeans.

The purpose of this mail was to see if there was any OpenJDK/IcedTea
people located in the UK (or around next month) who would be
interested in being involved.  The idea is basically to have a session
that introduces students and staff to the OpenJDK project and current
developments like IcedTea, the porters project and the Innovation
Challenge.  Given that all the students are taught Java from their
first year, there's a good chance some of the more talented  ones
might be interested in contributing.  At the very least, they should
be aware of how the Sun JDK is transitioning to a new Free Software
world.  I'll probably put a few more general points on Free Software
and community to back this up.

Anyway, feel free to e-mail me if you have something to contribute,
even if it's just resources rather than your own time.  I'd be
grateful for any input.

Andrew :-)

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