CFV: Project sponsorship: Closures For Java

Rob Leland at
Mon Apr 14 20:19:06 UTC 2008


At one time there were at least 3 proposals for closures in Java.
Having not followed closely the different closure proposal statuses what 
does this mean ?
Does this mean that one of the 3 proposals has been selected and that 
all thats needed for a future
JDK inclusion is an reference implementation ?


Jonathan Gibbons wrote:
> Having achieved unanimous support from all eligible voting members
> in favor of sponsoring this project, the vote is hereby concluded.
> The outcome is that the Compiler Group is in favor of the sponsoring
> the proposed new project, "Closures For Java."
> -- Jon
> Jonathan Gibbons wrote:
>> Question: Should the Compiler Group sponsor the proposed new 
>> Closures For Java Project? [1]
>> Please cast your vote by replying, publicly, to this message with
>> either
>> Vote: yes
>> or
>> Vote: no
>> as the first line of the message body.
>> You may, at your option, indicate the reason for your decision on
>> subsequent lines.
>> Votes must be cast in the open; votes sent as private replies will
>> not be counted.
>> The sponsorship decision will be made by a simple majority vote of
>> the Group's Members.  Votes are due by midnight UTC next Friday,
>> 18 April.  If an absolute majority of the Group's Members votes
>> one way or the other prior to that time then the decision may be
>> rendered earlier.  Once a decision has been made the votes will be
>> tallied and reported to this list and to discuss at 
>> <mailto:discuss at>.
>> Only Members of the Compiler' Group are eligible to vote on this
>> decision.  The current Members are:
>>   Alex Buckley
>>   Maurizio Cimadamore
>>   Iris Clark
>>   Joe Darcy
>>   Neal Gafter
>>   Jonathan Gibbons
>>   Kumar Srinivasan
>> [1]

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