Java Compatible

Mark Wielaard mark at
Thu Dec 4 16:57:07 UTC 2008


The FAQ says:

    If I test my OpenJDK-based implementation under the new
    compatibility testing program and license, and I pass the TCK,
    can I call my implementation "Java Compatible"? 
    Yes. But you'll first need to accept a trademark license before
    you can use this Sun brand and trademark subject to the terms of
    the trademark license. The trademark license will be free of
    charge for use on implementations that qualify for testing under
    the OpenJDK Community TCK License. Since as of late April, 2008,
    it is not yet possible to build a compatible implementation
    based on the OpenJDK 6 code base, this trademark license is not
    yet available. We expect to make draft copies available to the
    community soon, with the final.

The entry is a bit out of date since it has been half a year now since
there have been OpenJDK/IcedTea derived packages (at least on Fedora
x86/x86_64) that pass the TCK and are technically Java Compatible. But
as far as I know draft copies of this trademark license have never been
published. Has it made final yet?



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