Lance J. Andersen Lance.Andersen at Sun.COM
Wed Jun 18 19:29:52 UTC 2008

Hi Fernando,

Currently we have no plans to enhance the JoinRowSet  implementation 
that we are providing at this time.  Certainly you are welcome to create 
an implementation and consider contributing it to the OpenJDK project.  
Please see for guidelines on how to 
contribute to the OpenJDK project.


Fernando Hartmann wrote:
> Hello all,
>     Here in my job, we use the Sun JoinRowSet implementation using the 
> INNER_JOIN, but now we need to use the LEFT_OUTHER_JOIN and FULL_JOIN, 
> but they don't are implemented by Sun.
>     Well, we are interested in make this implementation.
>     Looking in the repository the fonts are available in GPL V2, the 
> community have the interest in this implementation ? There are any 
> body out there doing this ? There are any license concern ?
>  Thanks for your time.
>    Ps. Sorry by the cross post (I posted in jdk-dev too)

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