Request for permission letter

Mark Reinhold mr at
Mon Nov 3 16:18:38 UTC 2008

> Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 17:08:33 +0600
> From: Vitaly Mikheev <vmikheev at>

> I'm with Excelsior Java Team. Excelsior LLC has been a Java SE Licensee
> since 2005.
> We would like to contribute some fixes in AWT native methods we have
> made in our implementation during these years. Basically, they were
> inspired by either support cases or our internal QA.
> In addition, we've also discovered a few issues in HotSpot we found
> when using the Reference Implementation for reference (pun
> intended;). Despite our JVM is not a HS derivative, we want the issues
> to be fixed and contribute the necessary modifications.
> However, SCSL does permit us to contribute to OpenJDK under SCA.
> As mentioned in FAQ at
> we have to post a request here to resolve it.
> Please send me the letter granting the necessary permission. The signed
> SCA has been already faxed.

Vitaly -- thanks for your interest.  We'll need to check a couple
of details with our legal team, but we should be able to send you
the permission letter in the next week or so.

- Mark

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