Java binary, can't redirect stderr on VM crash

Patrick Wright pdoubleya at
Thu Nov 27 22:26:04 UTC 2008

Hi Mark

> If you have the debug info packages installed you can probably run this
> under gdb and get a good backtrace leading directly to the source code
> that calls the bad free().
> You might also get more glibc malloc checking by export MALLOC_CHECK_=3
> (see man malloc). That might catch an issue somewhat earlier.

I hope I don't have to take it that far--right now I'm trying to find
out if it affects all fonts, just some, what the exact pattern is. Too
early to go rooting around.

> And probably also in a hs_err_pid[0-9].log file in your working
> directory.

Oddly enough, only with Sun Java, meaning only with the Swing crash,
and not consistently. I just tried two more times and it crashed
twice, but only produced 1 hs log file. Odd!

> If you could post the file then I could try to
> replicate locally if you want.

Thanks! Posted in the reply to Tim. It would be interesting to see if
this is a distro (font?) specific issue or more general. I couldn't
reproduce on OS X in a quick test and don't have other machines easily


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