Need help to run java apps on openmoko

Robert Schuster thebohemian at
Fri Oct 24 13:56:55 UTC 2008

Hi Girish,

Girish Revadigar schrieb:
> I am new to openmoko. I want to run one of my java based GUI application on
> openmoko. But when I tried to check for the java support on the newly
> brought model, I found there is no java utility pre installed (Any JVM for
> running java apps). So can you guide me how can I set up my openmoko to run
> java applications on it? Is there any extra package I need to install?
> Please guide me, without finding it I can't proceed. Your valuable
> suggestion will be greatly helpful for me.
try running:

opkg install cacao
This gives you the Cacao virtual machine running with GNU Classpath as
the class library.

Optionally run:

opkg install classpath-awt

To get the native side of Classpath' gtk+ based AWT implementation (for
Swing/AWT applications).


opkg install libswt3.4-gtk-java

for applications that make use of SWT.

Two more links that might be of interest to you:


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