Will Webstart be integrated in OpenJDK?

Joseph D. Darcy Joe.Darcy at Sun.COM
Thu Sep 11 17:15:35 UTC 2008

Andrew Haley wrote:
> Andrew John Hughes wrote:
>> The biggest problem at the moment is the JCK.  I'm quite happy for
>> Sun to use this to certify their own mashed-up proprietary/Free
>> builds inside Sun labs, and equally it's been great to see this
>> applied to a purely Free build by Red Hat.  However, what disturbed
>> me recently was seeing this used as a tool for patch approval during
>> the AWT/Swing/Java2D discussion Mario mentions.
> Why not?  A gcc patch that failed Plum Hall testing would be rejected
> too, assuming (or course) that the Plum Hall test was valid.
>> A Free project being dependent on a proprietary test suite for
>> patches is just as bad as it being dependent on proprietary tools to
>> build.  As Mark mentioned in reply to this, we should work towards
>> improving jtreg and Mauve to ensure a Free test suite is available
>> and not rely on the JCK.
> It's not going to happen.  The TCK tests a whole lot of minute details
> of Java langauge compatibility that are not fully explained in the
> Javadoc, and so any open test suite that does not derive from the TCK
> will not be complete.

The TCK tests for Java SE have different parts; there is a part to test 
the compiler and a separate parts to test various libraries.  The minute 
details of the compiler tests are based on the Java Language 
Specification; the minute details in the libraries tests are based on 
the javadoc.  The TCK tests are supposed to map back to assertions in 
the specification; some of their test development methodology is 
discussed at:



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