Sun JDK vs OpenJDK - Sun JRE vs OpenJDK JRE

Geir Magnusson Jr. geir at
Sat Sep 13 19:22:14 UTC 2008

On Sep 13, 2008, at 2:36 PM, David Herron wrote:
> Dalibor Topic wrote:
>> Given that the new deployment code wasn't started and developed in  
>> the
>> open, it means a lot of the decisions that may appear obvious from
>> outside have to be made explicitly and carry a non-trivial
>> implementation cost, for example in lawyer-time, or syncing between
>> OpenJDK 7 and Closed 6 - so there is a pretty good economic  
>> argument to
>> be made for finishing off the work on 6u10 first, and getting the new
>> deployment code out of 'beta', before a decision to push it into the
>> OpenJDK 7 tree can be made.
> As was answered a couple days ago there isn't a specific plan at  
> this time to open source either the new or old plugin/JWS.
> However it sure seems that the most expedient path is for the new  
> plugin/JWS to be open sourced and not bother to open source the old  
> plugin/JWS.  It takes a tremendous amount of time and people  
> resources to work through the open sourcing process.

I know.. i've been there :)

But why did you do the new plugin behind closed doors in the first  
place?  Seems like doing out in the community would have been the  
better route...


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