IcedTea and integration of applet, webstart, javascript/rhino, visualvm, etc.

Frans Thamura frans at
Sat Sep 13 21:47:11 UTC 2008

> Right - and that's great.  As you know, I'm all for Harmony ;)
> I'm just wondering why all of those people don't do it at OpenJDK.

hi there,

i trying to develop a team in Indonesia because i am incharge for JENI
2.0 program, the ASEAN OpenDistance Learning under

and we are trying to develop a team that prove openjdk is 100% like
Sun JDK and do publicity for the world the difference to make all Java
people believe that the future of Java is brighter than ever.

I am not C guy, because to much Java in last 8 years, and believe that
C world is changing that i dont follow with.

i believe there is "using" marketing inside Sun, about OpenSource,
because the approach is differrent with current opensource movement
esp in openess, i dont know is this related to control of Java..??
strange. more try to control, more lose control will get inside Sun.

but of course I am using OpenJDK in my ubuntu box, which several
missing thing i got, the font esp for Swing, and because i am new in
this area, i am joining this mailing list and try to list a task to
develop a team with our education network so we can prove that OpenJDK
is good enought to be use as production and we can replace Sun Java
SDK for our standard based curicullum.

my foundation (meruvian), focus and dedicated for this movement, and i
believe we can get around 15.000 students that can be push to research
this stuff, remember we have 3.3 millions students and we target 10%
to know Java is cool and bright stuff.. and we also work with Sun
Indonesia.. please visit

but i am glad if people in this mailing list can share and make the list to do.

if there is missing stuff inside OpenJDK, i am glad that IcedTea team
try to fill the missing, so we can get 100% Sun Java SDK replacement

i see that Harmony and IcedTea can become the push team to make
OpenJDK as the baseline of Future Java Platform.

I cannot wait Sun JDK  = OpenJDK..

NB: how many people in the Java world know that Sun JDK plan to make
OpenJDK as the platform just in rebranding mode. is there any reason

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