JDK 7 build 35 is available at the openjdk.java.net website

Kelly O'Hair Kelly.Ohair at Sun.COM
Sat Sep 27 22:42:39 UTC 2008

Isn't too hard to replace a bugid reference with:

And a changeset reference to something like
    `hg paths default`/rev/XXXXXXXXXXXX

In my opinion, we need to automate this, not dedicate more
resources to manual processes.
It may be that the optional "Summary:" line in the changeset comments
needs to be less optional.

There is no ONE person that knows the overall impact of all the changesets,
we need to rely on the individual developers to explain themselves,
in the bug synopsis, the bug description, or the changeset Summary: line.


Mario Torre wrote:
> Il giorno sab, 27/09/2008 alle 17.46 -0400, Colin Walters ha scritto:
>> On Sat, Sep 27, 2008 at 3:44 PM, Kelly O'Hair <Kelly.Ohair at sun.com> wrote:
>>> I had a dream that someday, this kind of information could just be generated
>>> dynamically, by clicking on a link from the http:// repository pages.
>>> All based on the repository data on the servers.
>>> But alas, it was just a dream. :^(
>> The dynamic generation is useful, but personally I would find a short
>> English paragraph or two overview of changes to be more useful.  Look
>> at how Linus does a brief overview of Linux kernel releases, to pull
>> some random examples out of my Firefox history:
>> http://lwn.net/Articles/293784/
>> http://lwn.net/Articles/299639/
> Hi!
> I don't know, but I see two things here, Kelly, or Xiomara (I guess),
> add a new tag to the hg repository, and this means a new build is out.
> We can easily shortlog all the changes from one tag to the other
> (commands were also posted on this list) and put them into a webpage. A
> small script will link these changes to the internal Sun bug tracking
> system (where we have no control, so is up to you at Sun to write hooks).
> Someone at this point can write a simple comment telling us all the
> extra information that are nice to know.
> This way the information is more complete.
> I have to admit that I rarely read long changelogs, instead, if a
> mapping with the bug database is available, I usually tend to see that.
> I guess that both worlds would be nice to have.
> The very cool thing to have is what Kelly suggested a couple of mails
> ago though (generate all this stuff on demand on the website for any
> given build).
> Cheers,
> Mario

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