OpenJDK Community Innovators' Challenge Awards Announced

Ray Gans Ray.Gans at Sun.COM
Mon Sep 29 22:07:39 UTC 2008

Today Sun announced the winning projects of the OpenJDK Community  
Innovators' Challenge Awards at Sun Tech Days Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The winners are:
   GOLD:   Implement XRender pipeline for Java2D - Clemens Eisserer
   SILVER:   Closures for Java - Neal Gafter
   BRONZE:   Provide date and time library from JSR-310 - Stephen  
Colebourne, Michael Nascimento Santos
   BRONZE:   Portable GUI backends - Roman Kennke, Mario Torre

More information about the Innovators' Challenge can be found here:

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who participated  
through projects, proposals and feedback!

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