Update on the OpenJDK Bugzilla instance.

Brad Wetmore Bradford.Wetmore at Sun.COM
Mon Feb 2 05:49:24 UTC 2009

Hi all,

I've recently been leading the effort to get our OpenJDK Bugzilla 
instance in place, and just wanted to let folks know that we're pretty 

I took some time over the last couple days to take a snapshot of what we 
have and what's planned for the near and somewhat longer future.  The 
short story is that we'll begin by tracking contributions from OpenJDK 
developers who do not have push rights to the JDK 6 and 7 forests.  The 
next phase will expand the system to track most if not all of the 
OpenJDK projects under development.

The longer story is now available on the OpenJDK website:


One last point.  Until the general system is up, you should continue to 
submit new bug reports through the normal channel:


There's still a lot of work to be done and questions to be answered, but 
thought you might like to see the current status and what's being planned.



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