OpenJDK Bugzilla server rollout

Mark Wielaard mark at
Wed Feb 11 08:21:15 UTC 2009

Hi Brad,

On Fri, 2009-02-06 at 21:12 -0800, Brad Wetmore wrote:
> As I posted on the discuss list earlier this week [1], I have set up an
> instance of Bugzilla for use by the various OpenJDK efforts.
> The system is now live.  Please see the project page at:
> for general notes, instructions, and the URL.
> I've made an initial pass at configuration with feedback from several
> folks, but I know we will continue tuning this system to best fit our needs.

Thanks for setting this up. A quick question before I start using this.

It says "Please review the Terms of Use". This is the first bugzilla
instance I know that comes with a four page legal requirements document
before usage. I started printing them out and reviewing them as
requested but they seem somewhat odd. They require signing over rights
to Collabnet, O'Reilly and Sun of any source code posted, can be changed
at any time without notice, so you will have to review them each time
you file a new bug, and any legal disputes need to be fought in a
foreign country at the other side of the world. They all seem a bit out
of place for the OpenJDK community usage, I suspect they were
copy/pasted from some unrelated project. Can we get rid of them?



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