OpenJDK Bugzilla server rollout

David Herron davidh at
Wed Feb 11 19:48:47 UTC 2009

Andrew John Hughes wrote:
> 2009/2/11 Mark Wielaard <mark at>:
>> Hi Brad,
>> On Fri, 2009-02-06 at 21:12 -0800, Brad Wetmore wrote:
>>> As I posted on the discuss list earlier this week [1], I have set up an
>>> instance of Bugzilla for use by the various OpenJDK efforts.
>>> The system is now live.  Please see the project page at:
>>> for general notes, instructions, and the URL.
>>> I've made an initial pass at configuration with feedback from several
>>> folks, but I know we will continue tuning this system to best fit our needs.
>> Thanks for setting this up. A quick question before I start using this.
>> It says "Please review the Terms of Use". This is the first bugzilla
>> instance I know that comes with a four page legal requirements document
>> before usage. I started printing them out and reviewing them as
>> requested but they seem somewhat odd. They require signing over rights
>> to Collabnet, O'Reilly and Sun of any source code posted, can be changed
>> at any time without notice, so you will have to review them each time
>> you file a new bug, and any legal disputes need to be fought in a
>> foreign country at the other side of the world. They all seem a bit out
>> of place for the OpenJDK community usage, I suspect they were
>> copy/pasted from some unrelated project. Can we get rid of them?
>> Thanks,
>> Mark
> +1
> Applying the terms of use wholesale and without alteration to
> the unrelated OpenJDK project seems very odd.  We already have the GPL
> for licensing the project and the SCA to handle contributions. These
> terms of use go far beyond 'Users uploading inappropriate materials'
> and I don't see why we are handing any rights over to OReilly or
> Collab who have nothing to do with the OpenJDK project.


I understand that Sun has a requirement to have privacy policies and 
other legalisms.  Some kind of terms of use agreement is going to be 
required.  Most collaborative websites have terms of use requirements.

Since is not administered by CollabNet, it seems that 
reusing the terms of use (which involves CollabNet) on a 
sub-site that isn't administered by CollabNet feels odd.

There is at least one value for rights assignment of posted source 
code.  It's the ability to convert a unit test posted in a bug report 
into an official unit test in the source tree. 

There was an idea I started to work on a couple months ago, while still 
a Sun employee, to make a similar terms of use change for 
bugs.  The terms of use does not allow reuse of posted 
source code for other purposes.  Sometimes the code a bug reportee posts 
in their bug report is a useful valid unit test and it would be cool to 
repurpose that code into a normal unit test.  But just like any other 
source code submission, Sun's policy is it requires rights assignment 
for copyright sharing.  e.g. that's the purpose of the SCA, right?  But 
if the bug submissions place, whether it's or, doesn't have copyright assignment then by Sun's 
policies as I understand them the source cannot be reused in other 
places.    I'd chatted with the Sun manager who oversees the process, he liked the idea, but neither of us had time to 
take it further.

- David Herron

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