Some slides from the Free Java Meeting at Fosdem

Mark Wielaard mark at
Fri Feb 13 08:59:51 UTC 2009

Hi all,

Hope everybody recovered from the meeting. It was really fun to meet
everybody and to hear about all the cool stuff people are working on.
The presentations were really informative so we collected some of the
presentation slides for those that couldn't make it or for those that
want to go over them again. See the full list below.

Dalibor linked them all from the wiki and when there are more
presentations available we will add them (if you gave a presentation and
also want to link to your slides please do add them or ping one of us to
upload them for you):

Original talk abstracts and bios of the speakers can be found at:

Thanks for a great event!
your friendly ad hoc Fosdem meeting committee,

Dalibor Topic,
Andrew John Hughes,
Andrew Haley,
David Herron
and Mark Wielaard

Presentations Free Java Meeting, Fosdem:

Caciocavallo, Roman Kennke & Mario Torre

XRender Java2D Pipeline, Clemens Eisserer

Gervill Software Synthesizer, Karl Helgason

Cacao, Michael Starzinger

VMKit, Nicolas Geoffray

Groovy Grails for NetBeans, Matthias Schmidt

Towards a Universal VM, Alex Buckley

JSR292 - Supporting Dynamically Typed Languages, Remi Forax

JamVM, Robert Lougher

JNode, Peter Barth

Zero/Shark, Gary Benson

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