OpenJDK Community Code Review server rollout

Tim Bell Tim.Bell at Sun.COM
Tue Feb 17 16:49:31 UTC 2009


> I'd like to use for a public review.
> How to set/reset password to that site? is using the same ssh public key that you registered 
  when you became a contributor to

> If it is the same is the as for I probably do not have 
> the right permissions.

If you are not running ssh-agent, you should be prompted for your public 
key passphrase.  For example:

% sftp
Connecting to
Enter passphrase for key '/x/tbell/.ssh/id_dsa':

If you are getting a 'password' prompt, then something is wrong with the 
  public key negotiations and you need to fix that first.

The extra-verbose output of 'sftp -vvv' may help you 
see where the public key handshaking breaks down.

Hope this helps-


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