Request for comments: New Bugzilla-based contribution process

Brad Wetmore Bradford.Wetmore at Sun.COM
Thu Feb 19 23:05:46 UTC 2009

Comments on the new page first, then a response on the Mark/Neal exchange:

Mark Reinhold wrote:
> Now that we have Bugzilla up and running [1] (thanks, Brad!), it's time
> to revise the existing e-mail-based patch-contribution process [2].
> I've posted a first draft [3] on our shiny new code-review server
> (thanks, Tim!).  Comments welcome.

Section 1.

In the second para, there should be a link to the mail.o.j.n page and/or 
the group pages so that people know where to go to find other people 
working in the same areas.

Also, add something like the following at the end of this section:

     Some groups have already generated lists of "starter bugs" that
     might contain useful ideas to get started.

Section 3.

People are still signing up for accounts and registering to watch 
specific product categories and components, so there should be a bit in 
here about "Announce your changes to the appropriate group's mailing 
list and request a sponsor" so that it doesn't get missed.  I'd suggest 
putting it at the end of this section.

Section 5.

     but rather to accept only high-quality contributions.

I would suggest adding an extra sentence here to remind folks that their 
code could be used by millions of users, so it simply has to work.  It's 
an awesome, but fulfilling responsibility.

 > Mark wrote:
 >> Neal wrote:
 >> Is there any mechanism for contributors or committers to "claim" a bug -
 >> that is, notify others that they're working on it - other than 
email?  Given
 >> the contribution process you outlined, the main mechanism seems to be
 >> creating a bugzilla bug,
 > As stated this process doesn't really have a "claim" mechanism, since
 > presumably you'd like to claim a bug before doing a lot of work on it.
 > Perhaps the process should suggest that you create a Bugzilla entry first
 > in order to stake a claim, and then attach the patch and request a
 > sponsor once your work is complete.  If two or more developers want to
 > argue about the best way to fix a bug then they can do that in Bugzilla,
 > where a record will be kept for all to see.

Just a reminder, the majority of bugs will eventually be handled 
directly in Bugzilla, but for now we're just using Bugzilla for 
accepting contributions for bugs that already have bugids in 
Bugtraq/Bugster (Sun's internal bug tracking system).

So how does this work with the SUNBUG (TRACKEDINBUGTRAQ) field of Bugzilla?

If I understood this proposal right, say we have:

1)  Internal user has previously filed Bugtraq id 6000000.
2)  External user(s) wants to fix it, so they stake their claim in 
Bugzilla (Bugzilla id 100000), listing 6000000 in the summary or 
description field.
3)  Several users propose fixes.  Finally one is accepted as "The Fix" 
and is attached to the Bugzilla bug id.
4)  Sponsor accepts fix, integrates fix into JDK at 6000000, closes the 
bugzilla bug as "SUNBUG", updates the Whiteboard with "sunbug=6000000".

Does that correspond to what you're thinking?



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