Request for comments: New Bugzilla-based contribution process

Volker Simonis volker.simonis at
Fri Feb 20 11:33:29 UTC 2009

Hi Mark,

I'm really happy that the Bugzilla is finally up and running. There is
however one point, which hasn't been addressed until now. It is
already hard to find all the information which belongs to a bug or
changeset. The easy way is from changeset to bug, but the other way
round, from Bug to changeset is already harder, because not every bug
links to the corresponding changeset. Not to mention the webrevs and
the discussions about the webrevs which happened on the mailing list
(see [1] for a previous discussion on this topic).

Now we get just two more system, the Bugzilla bug tracker and the
Community Code Review site [2]. While this is good thing in general,
how can we ensure that not only the bugzilla entry links to the Sun
bug via the "sunbug" entry, but also the Sun bug links back to the
corresponding Bugzilla entry. And how can we ensure to have a link
from the changelist and/or from the bug to the codereview? The
Bugzilla instance offers the great opportunity that discussions about
a webrev can take place in the open, inside Bugzilla and are preserved
there together with the bug. On the other hand, this hides the
discussions about webrevs from the lists. I don't know Bugzilla, but
perhaps it is possible to forward all changes of bugs from a certain
category(e.g. hotspot), to the corresponding mailing list?

What are your opinions about how we can get a consistent view of all
the information belonging to a bug?



On 2/19/09, Mark Reinhold <mr at> wrote:
> Now that we have Bugzilla up and running [1] (thanks, Brad!), it's time
>  to revise the existing e-mail-based patch-contribution process [2].
>  I've posted a first draft [3] on our shiny new code-review server
>  (thanks, Tim!).  Comments welcome.
>  - Mark
>  [1]
>  [2]
>  [3]

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