Last call: OpenJDK Trademark Notice v1.2

Andrew John Hughes gnu_andrew at
Fri Feb 20 16:24:28 UTC 2009

2009/2/19 Mark Reinhold <mr at>:
> I proposed version 1.2 of the OpenJDK Trademark Notice last March [1],
> but due to other priorities never got around to making it the official
> version.
> The draft of v1.2 is attached below.  To recap, the differences from
> v1.1 [2] are:
>  - The term "Owner" has been changed to "Trademark Owner", just to
>    make it absolutely clear that Sun is not, in this Notice, claiming
>    ownership of anything other than the "OpenJDK" trademark;
>  - The list of URLs from which the original code may be downloaded
>    has been corrected and clarified, and also generalized to allow
>    successor locations to be designated in the future;
>  - A clause has been added to allow porting efforts to use the
>    trademark; and
>  - A clause has been added to allow downstream repackagers to use
>    the HotSpot code from a different source tree if necessary, e.g.
>    in order to use the C++ interpreter that's available in the jdk7
>    tree but not in the jdk6 tree.
> I'll finalize this new version, publish it, and push it into the JDK 6
> and 7 source trees on or after 1 March unless someone raises substantive
> objections in the meantime.
> - Mark
> [1]
> [2]
> OpenJDK Trademark Notice
> DRAFT Version 1.2, 2008/3/20
> OpenJDK (the "Name") is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc. (the "Trademark
> Owner").
> Trademark Owner publishes source code (the "Original Software") at several
> World Wide Web locations (each a "Website").  These locations include:
> as well as any successor locations designated by Trademark Owner in future
> revisions of this Notice.
> Each Website provides Original Software in two parts: A Java virtual machine
> (the "Virtual Machine") and an API library and tools (the "Library and Tools").
> Trademark Owner permits any person obtaining a copy of this software (the
> "Software") that is based on Original Software to use the Name in the package
> names and version strings of the Software subject to the following conditions:
>  (1) The Software is a substantially complete implementation of the OpenJDK
>      development-kit or runtime-environment source code retrieved from a single
>      Website, and the vast majority of the Software code is identical to that
>      upstream Original Software, except that:
>        (a) Changes required to port Original Software to new operating systems
>            or hardware architectures are permitted, so long as that work takes
>            place in the context of an approved Project hosted in the OpenJDK
>            Community; and
>        (b) A Virtual Machine from one Website may be combined with the Library
>            and Tools of another Website, so long as the vast majority of the
>            code in each is identical to the corresponding upstream Virtual
>            Machine or Library and Tools component.
>  (2) No permission is hereby granted to use the Name in any other manner,
>      unless such use constitutes "fair use", for example "based on the OpenJDK
>      source code" or "Ubuntu's packaging of the OpenJDK 6 code".
>  (3) Trademark Owner makes no warranties of any kind respecting the Name and
>      all representations and warranties, including any implied warranty of
>      merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement are
>      hereby disclaimed.
>  (4) Finally, this notice and the following legend are included in all copies
>      of the Software or portions of it:
>          OpenJDK is a trademark or registered trademark of Sun Microsystems,
>          Inc. in the United States and other countries.
> Trademark Owner intends to revise this Notice as necessary in order to meet the
> needs of the OpenJDK Community.  Please send questions or comments about this
> Notice to Sun Microsystems at openjdk-tm(at)  Revisions to this notice
> will be announced on the public mailing list announce at, to
> which you may subscribe by visiting

Assumed this had already gone through ages ago :)

We need the HotSpot clause to ship the IcedTea builds as 'OpenJDK', as
we're using HS14... :)
Andrew :-)

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