Request for comments: New Bugzilla-based contribution process

Mark Reinhold mr at
Mon Feb 23 21:29:09 UTC 2009

> Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2009 14:25:11 -0600
> From: bradford.wetmore at

> Mark wrote:
>> Brad wrote:
>>> 			but for now we're just using Bugzilla for
>>> accepting contributions for bugs that already have bugids in
>>> Bugtraq/Bugster (Sun's internal bug tracking system).
>> Well, not exactly.  Contributors are also welcome to submit patches for
>> bugs or RFEs that do not already have corresponding Sun bug ids.
> Good to know, I hadn't grasped that subtlety.  Maybe that could be
> called out a little more in Section 1?


>> ...
>> Not quite.  The SUNBUG resolution value is intended for the case of a
>> Bugzilla bug filed against a component whose bugs are only being tracked
>> in Sun's internal system.  The "sunbug=xxxxxxx" whiteboard entry is more
>> generally useful.  I think your scenario would work better as:
>>   1) Internal user has previously filed Bugtraq id 6000000.
>>   2) External user(s) wants to fix it, so they stake their claim in
>>      Bugzilla (Bugzilla id 100000), adding "sunbug=6000000" to the
>>      bug's whiteboard.
>>   3) Several users propose fixes.  Finally one is accepted as "The Fix"
>>      and is attached to the Bugzilla bug.
>>   4) Sponsor evaluates fix, integrates it into the JDK at 6000000, and
>>      closes the bug as FIXDELIVERED/FIXED.
> Minor nit.  When the fix is put into one of the gates, the fix goes to
> "fix available" in bugtraq.  It's the gatekeepers who mark as Fix
> Delivered.  This means the sponsor must watch for the change to hit the
> MASTER and then remember to move it to FIXDELIVERED, or else the
> gatekeepers must realize that he has to update both.  Or just mark as
> FIXDELIVERED when it goes into one of the GATES?  That'll be confusing.

I agree.  The simplest thing is probably for a sponsor to set the
Bugzilla bug's state to FIXAVAILABLE and then later change it to
FIXDELIVERED when corresponding Sun bug is updated to that state.

> Until we get Bugtraq/Bugzilla linked, this does require someone
> duplicate the states in both the Bugzilla/Bugster bugids.  That's
> something to address in the sponsor document.


- Mark

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