FOSDEM 2009: First Talk Recording Now Available

Andrew John Hughes gnu_andrew at
Wed Feb 25 21:11:25 UTC 2009

You'll find Mark Reinhold's talk on 'The State of OpenJDK7' here:

It's available under the Creative Commons Attribution No-Derivative
license (  Please
feel free to distribute copies under those terms.

Thanks to Mark Reinhold for allowing this to be made available.  He
also gave the all clear for the Project Jigsaw talk which will be
available soon.

For a more retro talk, Andrew Haley's talk given at the University of
Sheffield last year is also available (can't remember if I already
mentioned this or not):

This was part of Sun's Campus Ambassador scheme.  Again, my thanks to
Andrew for allowing this to be recorded and published.

If there are any issues with the publication of these talks, please
contact me ASAP.

More to come in time and with appropriate permissions,
Andrew :-)

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