Request for comments: New Bugzilla-based sponsoring process

John Coomes John.Coomes at
Fri Feb 27 01:47:51 UTC 2009

Dalibor Topic (Dalibor.Topic at Sun.COM) wrote:
> Good morning everyone,
> thanks to Mark and the contributors on this mailing list we now 
> have a new Bugzilla-based contribution process [1]. It's time 
> to define the Bugzilla-based sponsoring process, thereby 
> complementing the new contribution process.
> I've posted a first draft [2] on our extremely easy to upload to 
> code-review server (thanks, Tim!).  Comments are very welcome.

Hi Dalibor,

Looks good; I have a couple of comments.

First, section "2. Link the contribution back to a Sun bug" includes

	The Sun bug's description can just be a hyperlink straight to
	the Bugzilla bug.

Using the URL as the description isn't very useful, since bug
descriptions show up in all kinds of reports and in searches of Sun's
internal bug database.  I think both bugs should have the same
description; the hyperlink to the bugzilla bug can be used as the Sun
bug evaluation.

Second, we include bug numbers in changeset comments.  Should we use
the Sun bug id, the mozilla bug id, both?


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