OpenJDK and JNI -- licensing

Kevin Regan galabar at
Tue Jul 7 16:17:35 UTC 2009

Hi Dalibor,


Thanks you for the response.  I guess you've been instructed to only answer licensing questions by pointing to the FAQ.


Looking at the JNI headers in the OpenJDK distribution, they do include the "Classpath exception" text.  So, I'm going to assume that JNI applications do not fall under the GPL.


Is this correct?  Just kidding -- you don't need to answer that. ;-)


Thanks again,

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> Kevin Regan wrote:
> > I'm reading the Classpath exception as meaning that a compiled java .class file that is run with the JRE would otherwise be subject to the GPL, if not for the exception. Is this correct? Does this extend to JNI libraries (that do not reference any OpenJDK code) that are actually linked into the JRE through a dynamic library at runtime?
> Hi Kevin,
> I believe that your first question is answered by 
> and that the second question is answered by 
> If you need specific legal advice, I am afraid that I
> can't be of much help there, not being a lawyer myself.
> cheers,
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