Webref finds changes, although hg says there are non?

David Holmes David.Holmes at oracle.com
Sun Apr 18 21:34:04 UTC 2010

Clemens Eisserer said the following on 04/19/10 04:58:
>> The usual commit message for these is 'Merge' and I believe the hg
>> fetch extension will automate the process for you as best it can.
> Sorry for beeing that bothersome, but if thats supposed to be that
> way, how do I get all those files out of my webref I didn't touch at
> all?

Pass webrev the list of files that have changed rather than having it 
figure it out based on what hg status shows. For that's done by:

webrev <file-name>

where file-name is a file that lists the changed files

David Holmes

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