OpenJDK Interim Governance Board: New Members

Neal Gafter neal at
Tue Apr 27 22:49:17 UTC 2010


The most recent openjdk governing board minutes I can find are two years old
and record the governing board's agreement to strive for a draft
Constitution by the end of 2008.  I assume you've convened the board per its
agreement since it was expanded last year, but I can find neither draft
constitution nor more recent minutes of the board.


On Mon, Jun 8, 2009 at 10:02 PM, Mark Reinhold <mr at> wrote:

> I'm pleased to announce that Sun has appointed Martin Buchholz (Google)
> and Andrew Haley (Red Hat) to the OpenJDK Interim Governance Board [1].
> For those who don't already know them, some background:
>  - Martin Buchholz is a software engineer at Google.  A developer of the
>    JDK core libraries at Sun for many years, he continues to contribute
>    to OpenJDK, especially in the areas of collections, concurrency, and
>    subprocesses.  He has contributed to many free software projects over
>    the years, most notably as maintainer of XEmacs.
>  - Andrew Haley is Open Source Java Technical Lead at Red Hat.  He has
>    been a GCC developer for more than a decade, working particularly on
>    GCJ, of which he is co-maintainer.  He has also made contributions to
>    Classpath and many other GNU projects.  He has been closely involved
>    with OpenJDK since its first release, with a particular focus on
>    improving the flow of contributions by breaking down barriers between
>    OpenJDK developers outside Sun and those within.
> The expanded Interim Governance Board is now complete, per last year's
> amendment to the OpenJDK Charter [2].  We expect to resume work on our
> primary task, namely the creation of a Constitution for the OpenJDK
> Community, in the next four to six weeks.
> - Mark
> [1]
> [2]

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