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John J. Boyer john.boyer at
Wed Aug 25 11:43:10 UTC 2010

I've been told that questions such as miine about JNI are not welcome on 
the openjdk discussion list. I'll look at the forums suggested, but I'm 
wondering just what topics are welcome.

I've been advised to dump openjdk and install the Sun jdk instead. The 
claim was made that openjdk is buggy and that a lot of people have found 
that their problems disappeared when they switched to the Sun jdk.

>From my own experience I have to say that either system.loadLibrary is 
broken or it is making some really weird modifications to the library 
name. I have trried everything suggested. The JNI reference manual has 
examples in which the C library was placed in the current directory. I 
tried placing a symbolic link in the current directory. No luck. 

Unless this problem can be solved, I think I will have to drop openjdk, 
though I am a big fan of Open Source.


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