How to make a java app install-able...?

Denis Lussier lussman1 at
Sun Feb 14 12:29:34 UTC 2010

If u choose the cross platform installer route, in my experience
Bitrock does a real nice job generating a thin gui installer with
binaries that are platform specific.  It isn't open source, but I
believe it's free for usage by open source projects in many configs.
Ur mileage may vary.

On 2/14/10, Dalibor Topic <Dalibor.Topic at> wrote:
> arshad wrote:
>> hi all,
>> this is my first message to the list, and i hope i can benifit from this
>> list.
>> i want to know how to make a java application, which i built using
>> netbeans to be install-able in linux and windows machine.
> You need to package it on Linux using the packaging tools of the
> distribution you're targeting, and to create an installer on Windows.
> Alternatively, you can use a cross-platform installer tool. Neither
> option is too hard, but you'll have to spend some time learning
> about native installation mechanisms of the platforms you target.
> In other words, depending on the build system you use, your
> willingness to spend time or money, your familiarity with native
> installation tools, etc. there are many solutions, from proprietary
> software, to open source tools, with different features and
> trade-offs. You'll have to do some research to figure out which one
> fits your needs.
> cheers,
> dalibor topic
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