What's the future of OpenJDK?

Volker Simonis volker.simonis at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 15:19:32 UTC 2010

Dear Mark and Dalibor,

now that Oracle completed the acquisition of Sun I think the time is
ripe for an official statement about the future of the OpenJDK. This
could greatly help to avoid rumors like about OpenSolaris and give the
developer community confidence in the future development of the

I have no doubt that in the short term (i.e. until the release of Java
7) there will be no fundamental changes. But what will be after the
release of Java 7? Mark, you  have predicted in your webcast
(https://channelsun.sun.com/media/show/15028) that you'll expect that
the HotSpot and JRockit VM will be merged in a time frame of
one-and-a-half to two years. What does this mean for the HotSpot in
OpenJDK? I doubt that this "merge" will take place in an open source
version. Does this merge mean that the HotSpot VM in the OpenJDK will
be abandoned in the long term?

And Dalibor, what about the whole OpenJDK Community Process. There is
no Governance Board since May 2009. What are the plans here? The SCA
still reads "Sun" Contributor Agreement. Is this still valid? Are the
old contributor agreements which have been submitted to Sun still

I would be grateful for any clarifications, insights and outlooks.

Thank you,

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