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On 3 November 2010 16:55, Fernando Cassia <fcassia at> wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 3, 2010 at 1:14 PM, Dr Andrew John Hughes
> <gnu_andrew at> wrote:
>> How the upstream change is handled by distributions is a matter for
>> them, not us.  However, I would expect that a simple meta-package is
>> available that brings in the dependencies required to give a full JDK
>> as expected by the end user.  For example,
>> IcedTea
>> |-- OpenJDK
>> |-- IcedTea-Web
>> |-- VisualVM
>> would make sense.  The user installs the meta-package IcedTea and it
>> installs OpenJDK, IcedTea-Web (plugin & netx) and VisualVM as
>> dependencies.
> And that gets us back to my point. OpenJDK is what has the mindshare
> NOT "Icedtea" which sounds like a beverage rather than a piece of
> software. "JDK" and "OpenJDK" are instead very well known names.
> So my point is that the meta-package should be openjdk-something, not IcedTea.
> IcedTea -correct me if I´m wrong- was an effort to create a
> "compatible" clean room implementation of the Java VM (like GNU
> classpath).

No, GNU Classpath is a clean room implementation.  IcedTea is a build system for
OpenJDK, which allows it to be built with Free tools and fixes a
number of issues
which prevent OpenJDK builds being used in GNU/Linux distributions
(e.g. incorporating its own copies of libraries such as libjpeg, some
binaries and dubious licenses in the source tree).

Until IcedTea-Web was split out, IcedTea was also the home of the only
Free plugin and Java Web Start implementation.  Sun/Oracle have never
released theirs as part of OpenJDK.

OpenJDK may be the better marketing term, but it's neither accurate
nor available for us to use as we choose (being an Oracle trademark).
As illustrated, an OpenJDK package will still be there as a build of
OpenJDK using the IcedTea toolset (as now), a usage which I believe is
allowed by the OpenJDK trademark license.  The IcedTea package will be
a new meta-package that brings in both OpenJDK and the extras provided
by IcedTea (primarily the plugin + netx, but also a package for

> So people installing "Icedtea-anything" would think they are NOT
> getting the "Sun Java open sourced" but something else.
> Yes, I know it´s a matter of words. But branding IS everything, sometimes.
> FC

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