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Mark Wielaard mark at
Wed Nov 3 17:53:50 UTC 2010

On Wed, 2010-11-03 at 13:55 -0300, Fernando Cassia wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 3, 2010 at 1:14 PM, Dr Andrew John Hughes
> <gnu_andrew at> wrote:
> > How the upstream change is handled by distributions is a matter for
> > them, not us.  However, I would expect that a simple meta-package is
> > available that brings in the dependencies required to give a full JDK
> > as expected by the end user.  For example,
> >
> > IcedTea
> > |-- OpenJDK
> > |-- IcedTea-Web
> > |-- VisualVM
> >
> > would make sense.  The user installs the meta-package IcedTea and it
> > installs OpenJDK, IcedTea-Web (plugin & netx) and VisualVM as
> > dependencies.
> And that gets us back to my point. OpenJDK is what has the mindshare
> NOT "Icedtea" which sounds like a beverage rather than a piece of
> software. "JDK" and "OpenJDK" are instead very well known names.

Right, but Oracle claims trademarks on those words, so we cannot freely
use them. They did grant a trademark license that probably covers most
of IcedTea usage (Mark Reinhold provided a patch to make IcedTea say it
is OpenJDK in some configurations and just plain IcedTea in others). And
in fact most GNU/Linux distros package IcedTea and just call it OpenJDK
depending on the trademark grant.

> So my point is that the meta-package should be openjdk-something, not IcedTea.

Maybe, I don't really do marketing. Technically it isn't really correct
though. OpenJDK is the Java reference implementation for the Java
Standard Edition that Sun (now Oracle) liberated and distributes under
the GPL. Which is a runtime environment (HotSpot) and a large core class
library. IcedTea then is build upon OpenJDK extended with developer,
user and web browser tools like the Applet viewer, Java Webstart
(LiveConnect and JNLP) support and VisualVM, a lightweight profiler and
troubleshooting tool, Rhino for javascript support in javax.script.
Bootstraps with and provides alternative runtimes, tools and class
library support for Java and Java-like environments, like the Zero
interpreter, Shark JIT, GCJ native compiler, GNU Classpath core
libraries and Cacao. Plus various projects around extending and porting
(mips) the code base. See for the full
story. And for all the repositories
under IcedTea. Parts are then also pushed towards OpenJDK when they can
and are ready. And we do of course coordinate around the OpenJDK code
base releases.

> IcedTea -correct me if I´m wrong- was an effort to create a
> "compatible" clean room implementation of the Java VM (like GNU
> classpath).

No, it is partly based on and uses GNU Classpath to bootstrap itself,
but it was always based on those parts of OpenJDK which were liberated
and distributed under the GPL.

> Yes, I know it´s a matter of words. But branding IS everything, sometimes.

Please do feel free to do some branding/marketing effort.
Clearly us hackers are pretty bad at it :)



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