Found OpenJDK 6 windows build at

Lussier, Denis denisl at
Fri Nov 5 00:01:58 UTC 2010

It's all good...  Individual Open Source projects make great strides
forward when they are highly coordinated but loosely integrated.

Packagers (such as OpenSCG) make installers that bring together
related projects in easy to consume pieces that make sense to their
target audience.


> I disagree strongly. You´re thinking as a developer. I´m thinking as
> an end-user.
> In the windows world, people are told to "download and install Java"
> (the JRE) and it´s a single package, a single process.
> Likewise, in the Linux world, I´d expect a
> apt-get install openjdk
> To produce a full, working installation of Java, just as in Windows,
> (JRE, web browser plug-in, and Java WebStart).
> FC

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