OpenJDK Governing Board Minutes: 20011/4/21

Mark Wielaard mark at
Thu Apr 28 10:48:50 UTC 2011

On Thu, 2011-04-28 at 06:56 -0300, Fernando Cassia wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 6:17 AM, Mark Wielaard <mark at> wrote:
> > So, how do you propose this so called "governing board" goes about
> > convincing people like Andrew to not throw up their hands in disgust at
> > ignoring the people doing actual community work and trying very hard not
> > to just have to give up on OpenJDK and fork away? This board is largely
> > made up of people which are not even actual OpenJDK hackers.
> I know very little things, Mark. I just have a few opinions, one of
> them is that the companies that have put more man hours into a project
> (or even, created them!) and pays for most of its developers should
> have a bigger say in the direction a given FOSS project, than a few
> vocal chronic complainers that apparently would only be happy if such
> companies "give up" all control of the project, all in the name of
> "community" of course.

Nobody I know is saying that. Of course the more you contribute, the
more say you have in a project. All I see is people pointing out that
such influence should be earned, not dictated by creating special rights
for certain companies.

> The FSF has repeatedly refused to take down RMS´ anti-java rant "the
> java trap" article even while it has been renedered obsolete years
> ago, the moment Sun Microsystems decided to release Java SE as Free
> Software.

As far as I know the FSF celebrated that release:
And explained the Java Trap is no more by adding a giant "Headnote" to
their old article explaining that "the Java language as such is no
longer a trap":

> But hey, that´s me and my probably wrong, baseless and biased
> opinions, I´m sure.



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