OpenJDK Governing Board Minutes: 20011/4/21

Fernando Cassia fcassia at
Thu Apr 28 12:45:21 UTC 2011

On Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 8:27 AM, Simon Phipps <simon at> wrote:
> Indeed, I have a video of RMS asserting that the Java Trap no longer applies to Java - see to view it.

I was speaking to the strange reluctance to pull it down, specially
when some search requests end up with "the java trap" among the first

Would the FSF be OK with an article titled "The Free Software Trap"
even if it includes a headline on top saying "this is no longer the

In any case, the FSF told me it´ll "stay there forever".

> I wonder why does that article still need be on-
> line?.

It'll stay there forever, but yes, it will be updated to reflect OpenJDK.

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