Leveraging the thousands of Java ME apps on the market and run those on tablets... (RIM PLaybook, WebOS)

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>those on tablets... (RIM PLaybook, WebOS)
> On Thu, Feb 17, 2011 at 12:04 PM,  <hwadechandler-openjdk at yahoo.com>  wrote:
> > On some systems, you probably can't get a JVM on them. But, what  could 
>happen is
> > to precompile the application to a native version for a  targeted platform.
> Why not? What prevents Oracle from compiling a JVM for  RIM Playbook OS
> and offer it for download from Java.com?. Vendors can just pacakge
> app-installers  that check if the JVM is present on the device and if
> not, download it Over  the Air and install it.
> H*ck, Sun even offered a MIDLET 1.0 Java VM for  PalmOS a decade ago.

That is a single system. iPhone...not going to happen until the license changes, 
and unlike SuperWaba, I don't feel I can force folks to jail break their phone, 
but too, that gets into legal world. Most regular application users don't even 
know what that means.
> > Different look and feels etc and capabilities  could exist which one could
> > include in their final output; well on the  look and feel I envision this 
> > using the native libraries and  essentially exist a translation layer of 
> > sort. Would need  preprocessors etc too.
> Java adopts the native OS look an feel (Java SE at  least) I´ve seen it
> on Windows and Linux. There´s no technical reason why  that can´t be
> made in other OSs too.
> > Write once run anywhere is a  good idea in principal, but in reality that 
> > going to always be  possible. Where it is, and where it makes good business
> > sense, then it  is good to have, but based on what has won and what hasn't 
> > seems that  model wasn't a winner.
> Just because there´s no central store to retrieve  apps. Sun had it
> right in creating a Java App Store. Oracle should refloat  that effort.

Yes and no on the store. You as a person who knows Java thinks...Java store. The 
person on a BB, iPhone, or Droid, thinks, hmmm...I use the BB app store, or 
apple app store, etc which is right there on their phone with no external setup. 
It is all about customer expectations and marketing etc. Hard to have 2 stores 
in reality. Now, they could work with the other companies perhaps to make it 
happen. Then they could have the Java store which transparent to the user sells 
those same apps through those specific app stores. They could use such a thing 
to help pay for it.

> Abonut J2ME apps, cross-platform works, I run Google´s GMail  Java ME
> app on my Palm Centro, even while it isn´t a supported  configuration.
> It just works.
> What I envision is being able to click  on a ".jad" http:// link on a
> tablet browser, and (after the Java VM is  configured as helper app)
> the OS offering me to run the mobile app as a  desktop widget on the
> given  tablet.

But doesn't that all depend on an implementation of the JVM for the device you 
are using? Too, what if it is a more advanced phone offering their own APIs such 
as Black Berry? My storm has some apps I have put on it that just don't look 
great unless they use the right APIs. The plain jane JME applications don't 


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