Oracle Contributor Agreement FAQ?

Peter B. Kessler Peter.B.Kessler at Oracle.COM
Thu Jul 7 18:51:50 UTC 2011

The OpenJDK legal page[1] contain a reference to (a copy of?) the Oracle Contributor Agreement[2] (cf. the more central OCA[3]?).

The OpenJDK legal page also refers to a FAQ for the OCA[4] which might be same as the more central FAQ[5].

By either path, the OCA FAQ contains a bunch of links that are broken:

    - Page 5, the "feedback through email" link points to some place on that bounces to a generic Oracle and Sun page[6].
    - Page 5, there is a link that says it points to version 1.5 ("in the interest of transparency"), but which in fact points to the current version[3], and there claim to be links to versions 1.3[7] and 1.4[8], neither of which can be found on the web site.
    - Page 1 has a link to a different OCA for use by the US Government[9], which can't be found.

What would it take to bring these documents up to date?

			... peter

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