OpenJDK commiters

Henri Gomez henri.gomez at
Thu Jul 14 19:46:15 UTC 2011

I'm a long time Apache member and used to see such pages and
informations on the Foundation site.

BTW, I'm digging around and didn't
informations about commiters voted.

Links will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys

2011/7/14 Donald Smith <donald.smith at>:
> I understand and sympathize.  The issue is related to regional privacy
> objections, and applies to all the OS projects at Oracle.
> In the mid to long term, I would definitely like to see an info page for
> OpenJDK that describes in more detail where various contributions come from,
> and also from the perspective of organizations and individuals.  In the
> shorter term, I'll endeavor to create a slide or two for the community to
> use in situations as you describe (but I apologize, I'm unlikely to get that
> by tomorrow :)
>  - Don
> On 14/07/2011 3:19 PM, Henri Gomez wrote:
>> May I ask why ?
>> To be short, I've got an interview tomorrow about OpenJDK and one of
>> the expected question is about OpenJDK community, who is involved, how
>> many peoples from big contributors, like Oracle, Redhat, IBM and how
>> many individuals.

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