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Dr Andrew John Hughes ahughes at
Thu Jul 14 21:33:53 UTC 2011

On 17:32 Thu 14 Jul     , Simonis, Volker wrote:
> Dear all,
> I'm really happy that as of today, SAP has signed the Oracle
> Contributor Agreement (OCA). This means that with immediate effect the
> SAP JVM developers can officially join the discussions on the various
> OpenJDK mailing lists and contribute patches and enhancements to the
> project.
> SAP is a long time Sun and now Oracle Java source licensee who has
> ported the original Sun (now Oracle) JDK to all the 14 SAP supported
> platforms (including the Oracle supported Linux/Windows/Solaris
> platforms plus Win/IA64, AS400/PPC64, HPUX/PARISC, HPUX/IA64,
> Linux/IA64, Linux/PPC64, Linux/S390, AIX/PPC64).
> I'm sure this move will be fruitful and beneficial for both, the
> OpenJDK community as well as SAP.
> Looking forward to working with you,
> Volker Simonis and the whole SAP JVM team

So will SAP be contributing some of these ports to OpenJDK?
Andrew :)

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