How to get a java plugin manually installed in Firefox, using ubuntu?

Dr Andrew John Hughes ahughes at
Thu Jul 21 13:25:50 UTC 2011

On 23:53 Wed 20 Jul     , Lee Gold wrote:
> Hi, using Uubuntu 11.04
> I don't like Firefox 4 and 5 so I uninstalled it and installed FF 3.6.19
> manually in the /opt directory. It works really well. I wanted to add a
> java icedtea plugin to FF. But I can't use Synaptics (the package
> installer). Synaptics does not see the FF 3.6.19 - it does not know it's
> there (because I manually installed FF 3.6.19) and will try an install
> FF5 if I use it (synaptic) to install the icetea plugin - makes sense it
> would do that - it thinks no FF is installed
> How do I get a java plugin installed considering how FF is implemented
> on my system?
> I have tried getting a .so icetea plugin and using a link from the .so
> file to where I think it should be in the FF directory, but no luck.

[Ccing distro-pkg-dev where work on IcedTea-Web is discussed]

You'll need to build your own version of IcedTea-Web:

against the Firefox installed in /opt which uses xulrunner 1.9.  The version
with 4 & 5 will use xulrunner 2 and so presumably won't work with FF 3.6.x.

I imagine you'll need to set PKG_CONFIG_PATH to the location of the *.pc files in your
/opt installed Mozilla so IcedTea-Web's build picks it up.

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