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Mario Torre neugens.limasoftware at
Tue Jul 26 15:47:13 UTC 2011

2011/7/25 Kelly O'Hair <kelly.ohair at>:
> On Jul 25, 2011, at 10:21 AM, Mario Torre wrote:
>> 2011/7/25 Kelly O'Hair <kelly.ohair at>:
>>> Yeah, I suspect we should just delete these lines for now.
>>> -kto
>> I can take care of this if you want.
> that would be great.
> -kto

I created a bug report on the OpenJDK bugzilla:

And a webrev:

The patch also updates the jdk7 references to point to jdk8 (I created
this patch for the jdk8 branch).

The bug takes web as component, because this is where the rest of the
documentation is, I was unsure if this should have been part of the
build scripts instead though.

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