"JDK 7 Update" Project

Mark Wielaard mark at klomp.org
Thu Jun 16 19:06:10 UTC 2011

Hi Kelly,

On Thu, June 16, 2011 20:50, Kelly O'Hair wrote:
> In my opinion, regardless of how the repositories might be set up for it,
> the JDK 7 Update project still needs to exist.
> There was a desire to get this project going, and I was just trying to
> help it along.

IMHO the jdk7 project is doing fine. What would the new project do
differently that the jdk7 project couldn't just do as well?

> It was also my opinion that we could just use the existing jdk7/jdk7 repos
> for updates, but I was convinced otherwise.

How were you convinced? I might have missed the actual discussion.

> Having a frozen set of jdk7/jdk7 repos out there has some benefits, and
> yes, we will have tags to mark the state, and any update repos will be
> clones, with all the tags.
> Any naive user that does not understand tags, and does a simple clone
> jdk7/jdk7, will get exactly that, the original jdk7 release, not some
> arbitrary update.

I think people want the latest and greatest jdk7 if the are using hg.
Though I am sure jdk7 1.0 will be great, there will be bugs.
If people really want some specific release of jdk7 they can just
download the source tar ball release and/or checkout a specific tag.
If you are using/hacking on the jdk7 repository, you would want to
be using the latest and greatest wouldn't you?

> I'll gladly listen to the debate, maybe I'll change my mind again. ;^)

Me too :)



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