Project Proposal: JDK 7 Update

Phil Race philip.race at
Sun Jun 19 04:34:56 UTC 2011

Not talking about hotspot specifically, but more generally, SFAIK all 
relevant security
fixes have been backported to 6-open.
And 6-open in fact has a lot of fixes that are *not* in the commercial 
Some of those are its origins as a very early 7. Some are from backports 
were OKed for 6-open but really not considered that critical for JDK6.
But I'm very sure 6 updates have (non-security) fixes not in 6-open too.
So its all very messt.

Now something of a digression ..
I think a lot of that was down to the unexpectedly long cycle for JDK 7
and the unrelated forests for 6-open and 6 updates (as noted above)
But release managers carefully scrutinise requested backports from JDK8 
to a 7 update
because updates have less time to bake.
So in the 7 update cycle if everything is based off the same forests we 
expect that management of the content of these will need to be merged too.


On 6/18/11 9:22 AM, Volker Simonis wrote:
> On Sat, Jun 18, 2011 at 7:44 AM, David Holmes<David.Holmes at>  wrote:
>> Volker Simonis said the following on 06/18/11 00:18:
>>> Sorry, I apologize if my mail was to rude or questioned the integrity
>>> of anybody on this list. I definitely didn't wanted to hurt anybody.
>>> I'm just not very satisfied with how the things are going with the HSX
>>> repositories compared to the HS versions in the official Oracle JDK
>>> and wanted to prevent this situation for the JDK 7 update releases. If
>>> my fears are without cause - that's just great!
>> <snip>
>>> Just have look at he HSX (HotSpot express) repositories on
>>> and compare the changesets there with the
>>> changesets which went into the HSX version in the official Oracle
>>> JDK6uXX versions
>>> (
>>> The difference that you'll notice is exactly the point of my mail.
>> I'm afraid I'm not getting your point at all, what exactly is your concern
>> with the HSX release model as it relates to the JDK6 update train? What is
>> it that you see, or don't see, in the release notes that concerns you?
> There are changes in the official 6uXX releases which don't get
> backported to the corresponding OpenJDK hsx repositories. These are
> mainly security fixes but I also recall another example which was
> related to compressed strings (see
> As you probaly now, the official JDK6 update releases contain HSX
> version with incremented sub-numbers (HS20.1bxx, HS20.2bxx). They are
> all different from the HSX repository in the OpenJDK which usually
> remain at a certain build number and dont increment the sub-number. I
> would definitely prefer to have one "golden" HSX repositotry in the
> OpenJDK which contains ALL the changes of the corresponding HSX
> versions from the closed JDK (maybe with a certain delay for security
> fixes which would be no problem).
>> Regards,
>> David Holmes

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