Planning JDK 8, and beyond

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Wed Mar 23 16:30:11 UTC 2011

mark.reinhold at wrote:
> It's time to start thinking about planning JDK 8.
> We already know what some of the big-ticket items are likely to be.
> There'll be room for other features too, however, both large and small.
> It's therefore time to define a simple process for collecting, sorting,
> reviewing, and prioritizing proposals and plans for new features, for
> JDK 8 and for later releases.
I didn't see any replies to this but using a repository, a basic format 
like the old Sun one-pagers, and Markdown seems very straight-forward to 

Your mail didn't go into of the details as to how proposals are reviewed 
and approved but I assume that is something to follow.

Another thing, at least for non-Oracle folks, is that it would be good 
to expand a bit on the type or size of proposals that would need to be 
submitted to the repository. Those of us that had Sun T-shirts are used 
to writing up something for features that are estimated to take two or 
more weeks and I assume something similar is intended here. That is, I 
assume someone with a proposal for a very small ticket item, say adding 
a method to an existing class where the total amount of work is in days 
rather than weeks, would not be required to add a proposal, right?


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