Planning JDK 8, and beyond

Gunnar Morling gunnar.morling at
Thu Mar 24 23:31:07 UTC 2011

Hi Mark,

have you considered using JIRA for this? I think compared to simple
text files this would provide a lot of advantages with respect to
sorting, prioritizing and commenting proposals. You would also get
other things such as a release feature list, voting on proposals etc.
for free.

One could start simple (e.g. by creating proposals with a description
following the one-pager format), but go on to a more structured
approach (e.g. with dedicated issue fields) later on if needed. If
required, also a work-flow with specific proposal states etc. could be
set up.

By creating a JIRA project e.g. on, setting up this approach
should not take much more time than working with text files in


2011/3/21 Mark Reinhold <mark.reinhold at>
> It's time to start thinking about planning JDK 8.
> We already know what some of the big-ticket items are likely to be.
> There'll be room for other features too, however, both large and small.
> It's therefore time to define a simple process for collecting, sorting,
> reviewing, and prioritizing proposals and plans for new features, for
> JDK 8 and for later releases.
> ...
> One can imagine all sorts of fancy database-backed systems that would
> fulfill these requirements, but we need something sooner rather than
> later.  I think a workable solution, at least for now, is to collect
> proposals as structured text files in a Mercurial repository.

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