OpenJDK for Virtualization

Frans Thamura frans at
Sun Mar 27 15:55:02 UTC 2011

> I still keep IBM OS/2 running here, yet I don´t "blame" anyone and I
> don´t go around saying it "must" be supported just because "someone is
> still using it".
> OpenJDK is open source. Build it and fix any IA64 related bugs
> yourself. Nothing and no one is preventing you from doing so.

so we are waiting HP come here.. can he get space for ia64 bug fix,
what happen if HP wanna to continue the Java for Itanium

is it possible?

so the openjdk ecosistem will keep continue the support to any thing,
until the community gone...

NB: i write this thread because a request from HP General Manager that
head the ebusiness division here, in Indonesia.. so this is not my
idea, i have only 1 client using Itanium in last 12 years of my Java

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