Planning JDK 8, and beyond

Andrew Haley aph at
Mon Mar 28 09:55:32 UTC 2011

On 21/03/11 17:22, mark.reinhold at wrote:

> One can imagine all sorts of fancy database-backed systems that would
> fulfill these requirements, but we need something sooner rather than
> later.  I think a workable solution, at least for now, is to collect
> proposals as structured text files in a Mercurial repository.  So that
> people don't have to write raw HTML or XML we could use the "Markdown"
> lightweight markup language [4] together with an existing convention
> for placing common metadata at the top of a file [5].  The Mercurial
> repository would be set up so that a push operation would automatically
> update the appropriate web pages on
> I've adapted an existing draft proposal for JDK 8 into Markdown as an
> example [6] (thanks to Maurizio Cimadamore for the draft).  The exact
> template format would, of course, be a topic of further discussion.

I've never come across markdown before, but it looks ideal.


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